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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Packaging Your Crafts

You're probably saying to yourself, what on earth is going on? What is A Pretty Presentation Makes doing with it's website and etsy shop. Well, I've made lots of changes and some things have changed, but for the better. From now on, I'm going to work on polymer clay tags, creative packaging items, and everything that involves the printing industry. My work for A Pretty Presentation Makes will be made up of polymer clay, paper, and fiber. Package your crafts as an artist, business owner, food guru, and much more with A Pretty Presentation Makes. If you're in need of a massive quantity of tags, paper, bags, etc for an event, let me know a few weeks ahead of time. Production moves quickly, but time is everything.  For more about what I'm up to, traveling, holidays, and much more, I've created some custom menus on the right hand side of these blog posts.  I'll let you know when a new part of the menu will come up, when they're written.  Tags and packaging items are priced accordingly, and I ship all items throughout the United States.  All my other handcrafted items will be listed on Sow's Ear Studio's etsy shop and publications for my other handmade items will be posted on Sow's Ear Studio's blog.  I'm currently working on new polymer clay boxes for the holidays, and many more items will be coming soon.