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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Three Ways To Tie A Polymer Clay Gift Tag

Just to let you know, I have three ways to use these handcrafted, polymer clay gift tags for A Pretty Presentation.  You're welcome to specify if you'd like ribbon, crochet ribbon, straw, or string.  Photos demonstrate what ribbon looks like.  Here are the three ways to use polymer clay gift tags for gift giving, gatherings, events, and more.  Take into consideration that ALL the props you see in these photos are not for sale.  They're a way to show you how to use the gift tags.

Insta Collage Etsy

Over the weekend, I upgraded my I-phone to 7.0.  After getting the upgrades completed in my phone, I wondered if there was anymore photo apps that I could use in my phone, when taking photos for my etsy shop and blog.  Then I came across this app called, Insta Collage, Pro.  So I downloaded it, and this is what I come up with for both my etsy shop and my blog.  I love that fact now, I can have more then one photo in my posts.  This is great for my tags, jewelry, crochet, knit, and more.  Below this paragraph is explaining what the boarders are for on my etsy shop.

All photos on my etsy shop are now created with insta collage. Some of these photos have fancy boarders.  Just to let you know, boarders are not included in the items that are for sale. This is to put a little pizazz in my shop.

A New Look For A Pretty Presentation

I love the tools and items on my i-phone.  Over the weekend, I upgraded my phone and came across this awesome photo tool.  It's called Insta Collage.  What I like about this tool is you can add up to 3 photos in one box.  

I'd like to introduce the new way I'm gonna display photos on A Pretty Presentation, as well as Sow's Ear Studio.  In order for me to show you more, this is the best way to do it.   Find photos like these on my Instagram page, as well as Facebook.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Photo Of The Day

These gorgeous roses are still in full bloom in the month of August.  Yesterday, I was outside cleaning up and decided to take a quick snap of them.  I love summer because everything is in full bloom, it's sunny, and it's warm.  


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